Book Reviews

I am a total book worm and love to read, it’s often a battle in my mind between whether to read or write! These are some of my book reviews from Instagram & Facebook. I love to support other authors – if you would like me to review your book, please feel free to contact me. Nicola x

Brighton Bad Boys Trilogy

Tilly Delane

’m not usually a fan of bad boys, but these bad boys are 🔥🔥🔥, and they have hearts full of love for their ladies. Each book of this trilogy focuses on a different character, Silas, Rowan or Diego. Each time I thought I wouldn’t like this guy as much as the others, but each time I was wrong! I love all three of them, but Rowan holds a special place for me. All of the books are a very spicy heat level, and I loved getting to know the personalities under the rough outer shells, they have depth and reason, this isn’t just heat for the sake of heat.

I met the author, Tilly Delane, through a book group on Facebook and she has been a great support as a fellow author. Her books are on Amazon and are free to read on Kindle Unlimited. Let me know which Brighton Bad Boy is your favourite! X

Time To Wake

K. Thomas

Wow … just wow

I couldn’t stop reading, this book is beautiful, inspiring, creative, just delicious!

God. Those descriptions. I was desperate to kiss Hunter myself. The language, the pace, the style – they’re just perfect for me.

Even though the book has darker moments, I just found it soothing and melodic.

I’m in love, cannot wait for the next one!

Paper Castles

B. Fox

“Hoping that I can fall asleep, before I fall apart”

This book … I feel like I’ve been through every emotion. It feels like it pulls you in with a simple melody of an average man and what he is going through. The empathy it draws from you is incredible. Amazingly well written and so thought provoking. It took me a couple of chapters to sink into it but once I did … I couldn’t stop reading.


K.M. Harding

What a debut, I loved reading Broken! I’d had it on pre-order anyway but was hooked from the minute I began. I would class it as a romantic suspense. Whilst the romantic overtones between Dani and Damien are lovely and provide the slow burn we all appreciate, Dani’s backstory is by far the most intriguing aspect for me.
Dani goes on a huge personal journey throughout the book with a multitude of secrets being revealed amid the twists and turns. I love the aspects of friendship that were also explored with James and Jess, to very different outcomes.
The characters feel very real, with natural dialogue and scenes that I could imagine within a friendship group.
Very much looking forward to reading more of K.M.Harding’s work!

The Oath & Blood Price

Part One

Peter-Shaun Tyrell

Another amazing read from an incredibly talented indie author. As well as being a great writer Peter-Shaun Tyrell hails from one of the greatest cities in the world (which just happens to be very close to me!)
Thalkin is an amazing character, so rounded and real. I felt such empathy for him, his past, how he sees his future. He is almost persecuted and I was just rooting for him every step of the way.
The story is rich and detailed yet never sluggish, it ends in such a way you can’t wait for book two to appear!

The Seven Year Itch

Lyndsey Gallagher

This book was such a lovely read. Very romantic, steamy sections and some forks in Lucy’s path to be navigated. It also had some lovely female friendships to explore which I adore in a book – it’s not all about the boys! There’s also some very special real life circumstances behind it, and it just made the read all the more special to know that love like that actually exists in this world – or western Ireland at least!

I haven’t read any of Lyndsey’s work before but I certainly will be reading more.

The Curse Of The Crow

The Wicked Kingdom Book One

Abbey Fox

This book has fantasy, romance, magic and slow burn in droves. Different to things I’ve read lately. I enjoyed it a lot.
That romantic part of me (it’s a big part!) adores the idea of the soulmates and the impact they have on each other. Like a force pulling them together, and then the angst of not being together- I love a bit of angst!
I also appreciated the touch of having artwork at the back of the book – beautiful!


C.K. Sorens

Trimarked was simply fantastic! The characters were so well rounded and real, the setting was deep and rich. So much thought has gone into the story, it’s past and it’s future.

I adored Ember, such a brilliant character and so intriguing, there is so much more to come for her. I suspect this is the just the beginning of her journey.

The writing flows in such a natural way, and I loved the mingling of the three worlds, the different paths and stories that are set in motion.

I would highly recommend this book. Massive congratulations to C K Sorens on a brilliant, immersive story. I also think the cover is beautiful! Xx

The Keeper’s Codex

Ashen Memories

A.D. Wills

I enjoyed this book so much! It had adventure and intrigue, but what I loved was the theme of friendship and how strongly it comes across. That feeling of people from different places and races just not caring about their differences and banding together for a common good.
There are multiple groups / storylines ongoing throughout the story, the book moves seamlessly between them, a real skill.
Shyn was a favourite character of mine. So mysterious, I hope to learn more about him in the future.
The absolute star however is Caden. What a guy! Selfless and the best friend anyone could hope for. There’s an amazing scene where he protects a little girl, I think that’s when I started crushing on him 😂 it happens in every book I read pretty much! Caden is just the kindest soul. I highly recommend this book

The Heron

Jean M. Roberts

What a book! I loved this! So different to what I’ve been reading lately and really enthralling.
The story follows Abbey, and her discovery of Mary, a girl from the 1600’s, and their undeniable link.
The story switches seamlessly between time periods, both being clear and never confusing. The characters are deep and rich and the story just draws you in, always wanting to know what happens next.
I don’t like to give any spoilers or in depth detail in a review, i just highly recommend this one. Amazing xx