Release Day!

I’ve been counting down to the 1st of July very nervously, because it was release day for The Missed Kiss! It was also a special date as it was six months to the day since I wrote the first words of the book, I began it on New Years Day 2021, as a way to … More Release Day!

The one about the sex!

            It’s been a steep learning curve since I began writing contemporary romance, I had no idea what a minefield the sex issue was! Who knew there were actual levels of heat that I needed to try and target? Wholesome Romance, Sweet Romance, Sensual Romance, Sexy Romance and then Erotic Romance. Mind blown!             When the first … More The one about the sex!

The Decision to Write Contemporary Romance (and a thank you to my best friends)             I read a wide variety of books. Growing up my parents encouraged my reading (it was my favourite hobby from a young age), my dad and I share a love of Stephen King books which we still swap between us now. … More

Why this story?

            As I mentioned, I have wanted to write for a long time, it was just one of those things I kept putting off. There had been story and character ideas floating around in my head for a couple of years, and when I sat down to start writing that first day, the character of Zack … More Why this story?

Blog Number One!

So deciding to write a book was one thing, I love writing, so in actuality that was possibly the easiest thing! The editing was never ending, passing it over to beta-readers was nerve wracking! Learning how to actually publish the thing – is like a second full time job! Learning how to market it though … More Blog Number One!