His Angel / Her Demon

This is a story I wrote over summer, inspired by the poetry of Lee A Vockins (www.lavockins.com), which features within it.

It’s about falling in love, and how petrifying that can be. How you have to put your complete trust in someone, not knowing if they’ll return that or cast you aside.

Love is scary, but, ultimately, love is life. This story is my favourite, please enjoy xx

Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels.com

His Angel / Her Demon

Featuring poetry by Lee A Vockins

            He dangled me by my delicate wrists upon the top of the tall building. The icy wind pricked at my skin, lassoing around me ominously. Yet, it wasn’t the wind that caused shivers to run along my body.

            I felt the sharpness of him against the thin, sensitive skin covering my inner wrists. I knew the damage he could inflict right now, yet I was willingly here. I was in no way his captive as my mind careered wildly between fear and want.

 A strong gust of wind threatened to knock my legs further back as he pulled me up roughly, his mouth at my ear.

            He spoke my name. Just once, barely audible. Almost as if it gave him power.

Then he let me go…

Our eyes were locked together as I fell. I had to have faith. Still, my mouth opened in a silent, agonised scream.

The last second, the absolute last moment he could save me, his rugged arm grabbed at one wrist and held me there. Safe, yet simultaneously in precarious danger.

He pulled me up, only to let go once more. Our eyes locked together throughout his game.

Each time he captured me by the opposing wrist, jarring it painfully. And with each catch, he pulled me subtly closer.

Respite was granted as he paused, tracing slow circles across the blue veins dwelling underneath my paper-thin skin. It was as though he concentrated on the silkiest areas of me, trying to seep through into my very soul.

I glanced towards the motion, but his hand raised my chin, forcing my brown eyes to meet his blue. Dark and light reflected once again in a never-ending symphony.

He wasn’t simply my friend anymore.

He was my Demon.

I could never be only his friend again.

I had to be his Angel.

Pressing me tight against his chest, he growled into my ear. The wind calmed momentarily, as if nature wanted this to happen, longed for me to hear.


to flesh

and teeth

to neck


            His fingers squeezed against me, edging me into the tips of wanton pain. At the same moment teeth scraped across my neck, drawing a contented sigh from his lips as he bit at my pale skin, pulling hungrily at the flesh where my neck met my shoulder, as if to consume me.

I struggled to take a breath, unable to satiate my lungs. He dipped lower, his tongue tracing the curve of my collarbone. This close to me, I could feel his thoughts. He couldn’t keep them from me.

“You did this to me. I wasn’t meant to feel this way.” His mind was torn with the concept. He wanted me, but he didn’t know if he could keep me safe. He was scared – could he keep himself safe?

            Light and dark were not designed to merge like this – what could the aftershocks unleash?


in lust

and lack

of control

I strained to press my face into the crook of his neck as his words hit me, desperate to breathe in the heady scent of him. He denied me.

His eyes were trained only on my lips. I knew that just one kiss would change everything. Allowing his darkness to invade my light, what would that do to both of us?

The power of his gravity kept me custody in his orbit, I had no escape. I was defenceless to do anything but love him. I only wanted to please him, but could I?

What was worse – to fail, or not to try?

I attempted to blank my mind as the realisation dawned upon me, he would be hearing my contemplations, my confessions, just as I had heard his.

He allowed me to wrap my arms around him as he took just one step back from the precipice. His hands rolled my head gently from side to side as he surveyed me, as if he were rolling the nib of a pen in pools of ink, ready to write poetic verse of pure love and lust.

Was that what we were? Was his darkness the lust and my light the love? How could we reconcile that? What lay in the middle of dark and light? His voice trickled into me like treacle once again…

Your body

to mine

my lips

in whisper…

He held me over the abyss once more, as our lust and love battled between our eyes. I had never felt more in danger, I had never felt more alive.

His lips covered my own and… my new conscious came to life – a new entity was born.

His dark converged with my light and spread up every immaculate inch of our bodies, as if we succumbed to a warm drug of some heavenly origin.

Our evolution was in motion.

The Angel in me was wanton with lust.

The Demon in him longed to feel the purity of love.

We met in the perfect centre of the two, pulling each other to where we needed to be. Perhaps, where we should always have been.

Every time he had let go, and consequently caught me, a thin layer of trust had built up between us. I felt as though I had a shield now, and so, I subtly nodded at him. Acquiescing to his intentions.

He smiled, devilishly. Forehead to forehead, we teetered towards the edge. Our lips remained pressed together but without movement, simply allowing our breath and souls to merge in these seconds.

I felt his smile. Then… he pushed me. I was gone.

Yet his words echoed, loud and strong throughout the soaring air.

Let me be your darkness.

I was falling faster and deeper than I could comprehend, and it wouldn’t stop. It couldn’t stop.

This transference of lust and love had to find its place. It had to.

My body was limp as I prepared for the pain of landing. For the pain of feeling alone after giving myself to him completely. This is what I’d been terrified of.

Inexplicably, he caught me in tender arms, now tamed by love. My own lust was emboldened as I drew him into another kiss. There always had to be one more kiss…

The Demon and the Angel had formed a perfect symmetry, our love boundless, our lust never satiated.

I had fallen and I would never, ever look back.

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