Merry Christmas & Thank You

I remember taking a social media break last Christmas because I felt so sad that I couldn’t see my parents, siblings and friends. I was lucky, of course, to not be totally alone as some people are – I still had the joy of seeing my children opening presents giddily, refusing to eat any sprouts, putting carrots out for the reindeer and so on. But for me, the best part of Christmas is being with people I love. I adore the overly full house on Christmas Day, discarded wrapping paper and boxes everywhere, ten different conversations going on. Mismatched chairs crowded around a too small dining table while gravy gets passed around and crackers are pulled. The dads all falling asleep on the couch after an amazing dinner with their paper hats on, while something Christmassy plays on the tv. 

That’s what was missing and that’s what made me sad. So this year I planned big! Christmas Eve party, enormous Christmas dinner, Boxing Day buffet and, of course, stacks of gifts for everyone plus family games to play, and the most important thing – time together.

Yet at the last minute, it’s been snatched away. So whilst I’ll still have the delight of seeing my children excitedly tear open presents, and I count my every blessing for that, 90% of my Christmas joy is missing. At the moment I’m struggling to imagine a ‘normal’ Christmas again, all the things we took for granted not so long ago. I’ve really missed the office Christmas party too – a fantastic excuse to dress up, get drunk, dance like crazy and let all the work stress of the year go.

The sadness I felt last Christmas, and in the lockdown that came after that,  began my writing journey however. That writing journey has led to me publishing two books and a short story in one year and meeting an entire tribe of new friends and supporters. I appreciate every one of them so, so much.

Perhaps, therefore, I need to channel that sadness again and see what magic I can weave into 2022.

It will tug badly at my heart to see everyone so happy with families on Christmas Day while I do a zoom call, but, I won’t be going on a social media break this time. Everyone deserves that time, those smiles, the memories warm in their minds. I hope you all have absolutely magical times.

Thank you to every person who has been part of this amazing journey of mine during 2021, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Merry Christmas, and may 2022 shine with health, happiness and plenty of romance for us all xxx 

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