Here we go again…

Fifteen days to go! Which means…my nerves are going crazy.

Two days before the release of The Missed Kiss, I came so close to calling the whole thing off. It’s a little like sending your baby to their first day of school – you know they need to go, you know they’ll be looked after but you’re also petrified and emotional and barely holding back the tears!

I expected to sell twenty copies of The Missed Kiss if I was lucky. The fact it’s being enjoyed by so many people now, all over the world, astounds me in the very best way. The readers and writers I’ve met have brought so much to my life, and I’m so glad I’m on this journey.

But, with that success comes extra pressure. Everyone knows how disappointing a bad sequel is. I’ve put so much into To Kiss You Again, including more tears than anyone will ever be aware of! The beta readers and ARC readers (advance review copies) have given me great feedback so I just hope you will all love it too.

All the characters go on quite a journey, both literal and emotional. Without any spoilers you can expect – some international travel, lots of kisses, strong female friendship and a very, very special ABC!

I’m well into my next book now, which is a stand alone and something quite different, but still containing a lot of romance. I’m also working on a short story that I’m hoping I can send for everyone’s Christmas stockings – I’m a sucker for a romantic Christmas story!

I’m sad to let Lily, Cassie, Luke and Zack go though. I’ve already had messages/reviews hoping for book three and more…

What do you think? Should their story carry on?

Let me know when you’ve read To Kiss You Again and thank you, thank you, thank you – for the pre-orders, the support, the friendship and this whole experience.

Love, Nicola xx

PS. Please do leave reviews via Amazon/Goodreads/Audible for both myself and any other authors you are enjoying. It makes a huge difference to us and I appreciate your time in doing so.

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