Five Facts About Me!

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I’ve spent a lot of time talking about my book and what inspired me to write. It seemed like maybe it was time to tell you a little more about me. Some of it’s potentially embarrassing, but when I sat down to think of five interesting or funny stories – they were all a bit cringe!!


First fact. I had a ‘slightly’ rebellious phase as a teenager. My poor parents, I worry karma is going to get me for this in the shape of my own three daughters! I was pretty much lovely until I turned fifteen. Then a world of boyfriends and nightclubs opened up to me. I’d always liked Nirvana and Pearl Jam, music like that, but then I was introduced to Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, Type O Negative and within a year I was full on goth, nose ring, black lipstick, the lot. They despaired of having to take me anywhere I think! As much as I was loving the scene I’d found, the people I’d met, it meant I was doing no work at all towards my A Levels and ended up being thrown out of college.

My parents wisely made me get an awful job in a factory, in a bid to prove I didn’t want a dead-end job forever, their plan worked, and I went to a different college the next year. Let’s just call it a gap year by accident! I also managed to break some hearts, get mine broken, run away to Ireland in the back of a lorry and accidentally set my parent’s house on fire during that time. Ahh the memories! I also used to frequently go to work straight from being out all night, no idea how I managed it!


Second Fact. I’m a qualified PRINCE II practitioner but I’ve never worked as project manager. I took the exams a few years back when my middle daughter was a tiny baby, thinking it was the way I wanted to go career wise, but I never did. Doesn’t seem much point putting it in my author bio either! The skills probably do come in handy however juggling all this marketing and publishing.


Third Fact. A car once drove into the front of my house! If anyone had been standing in the porch when it happened, they would have been squished! A car from the house opposite us somehow managed to shoot across the road, through our garden and into the front of the house, knocking our car to the side as it did. We lived on a main road, and it was closed off by fire engines and ambulances for hours. We had to evacuate as there were electricity wires ripped up and a car leaking petrol. Then the local news turned up and put it all over Facebook – fun! I can laugh now but it was awful, and we were so so lucky nobody was hurt.


Fourth Fact. After I calmed down and went back to college like a good girl (I say calmed down… there were still moments!) I got hugely into roleplaying. I spent so many evenings playing D&D, Shadowrun, Traveller, Legend of the Five Rings (my fave!), Call of Cthulhu and so many more. I was lucky to be in a group with an amazing GM (games master) who I don’t get to see enough of anymore. I always used to end up spinning the plot in a slightly romantic direction then too, I famously married the bad guy in Legend of the Five rings much to the amusement of everyone – I liked him, what can I say!? I guess that was a good outlet for my imagination which now goes into the books instead.


Fifth Fact. What to finish on? Maybe on a more personal note. I try to come across confident and carefree. I’m always chatting away at the school gate, happy at the bar on a night out, doing well at work and always trying to progress BUT, I’m actually really shy and although I know how to hide it well these days, I’m often just feeling mortified inside. It’s taken lots of courage to go ahead with the writing thing, and it’s the positive feedback from others that’s spurring me to keep going. So, thank you so much for all your support. I especially love the readers who’ve contacted me with praise and to discuss the book – I could discuss it all day, so thank you!


So those are my five facts for now. Soon though – Wednesday 23rd June – you’ll be able to watch me doing a live interview all about The Missed Kiss. I would love you to join in. The details are in the events section of this website.


Also, while I have your attention, check out this link to a short story entitled The Ivory Tower – I hope you like it. This was the exciting news I hinted at last blog!

This is the first time I have done any collaborative writing, I was crazy nervous because Lee is super talented, but it’s ended being a beautiful piece of writing.


Until next time, take care, lots of love,


Nicola xxx

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