Why this story?

            As I mentioned, I have wanted to write for a long time, it was just one of those things I kept putting off. There had been story and character ideas floating around in my head for a couple of years, and when I sat down to start writing that first day, the character of Zack was the one at the front of my mind. He was randomly conjured up by my mind a while ago now, when I was sat in a traffic jam outside an Aston Martin dealership in Wilmslow! Part of the day job!

            I know the future seems a bit brighter now, the sun is out, and the vaccination numbers go up every day – but on a miserable Sunday evening in early January, I felt anything but hopeful. The news was gruesome every day, I had just spent a sad Christmas without seeing friends and family and it was back to work the next day with no more time off in sight.

            I had been reading a lot, but found it frustrating when characters didn’t do what I wanted (can anyone say control freak – another reason I am indie publishing!). So, I sat down and started writing a story about Zack and Lily falling in love.

            Then I couldn’t stop writing …

            Within 3 months I was at over 80,000 words and these characters and situations had come utterly alive in my head. I didn’t write it in the easiest fashion, I had no plan, and the editing has been painful. I am much better prepared for book two! However, I think it gives it a feel of spontaneity, the characters didn’t know what they were doing at many points, and neither did the author.

            From choosing their names, making them fall in love, writing their histories and then spicing up their sex lives (again, mum and dad do NOT read this book!), I have loved the whole process. At first, I worried it was unrealistic, but then isn’t that what we need? Escapism. I wonder, would you prefer to read about a chubby bus driver called Nigel who is a bit skint and ignores his girlfriend most weekends? Or a devastatingly sexy lawyer from affluent Cheshire who would do absolutely anything for you? And I do mean anything…

            I am so excited to share them all with you.

            Nicola xxx

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