I have wanted to write books for such a long time, I guess it took a couple of lockdowns and turning forty for it to happen! When I read a book I want to escape the daily grind, the bad news and the negativity that is so prolific in our world right now. I want to feel part of a happier scenario where it is possible to drink loads of wine, buy designer shoes and fall in love, all on your lunch break! If that didn’t exist quite as I imagined it, I thought I should write it. So that’s where I began on day one of writing my first book in January 2021. I adore creating characters and stories, I hope you fall in love with them as much as I do. Nicola x

Reviews & Testimonials

The Missed Kiss – The romantic, sexy, heartwarming and charming story of Lily, a relatable, relationship shy woman and the two amazing men, Zack and Luke, who fill very different voids in her life and heart. Nicola Lowe is brilliant at developing each character with such care that you fall in love with each of them and the detail she gives while creating the setting leaves you swept away. – Booksprout – May 2021

Nicola Lowe is a wonderful new writer. The Missed Kiss was a joy to read. Lily, Zack and Luke are such smartly developed characters that you fall in love with all three of them. – Goodreads – May 2021

Without giving any spoilers away this is such a sweet romance. It tells a beautiful story about friendships and romance and making difficult decisions. Would happily recommend and now I have to wait anxiously for book two! – Goodreads – May 2021